Winning at Running

I’m winning at running!

You won’t see me at the World Championships(which I am thoroughly enjoying by the way), you won’t even see my name mentioned as first finisher at regional or local events. But I am there, at various events, doing my best and usually enjoying what I am doing and the company I am keeping.

That is the main reason I say I am winning at Running, I am enjoying it, I am getting a huge sense of achievement from various aspects of Running:

  • Good Run
  • PRs or PBs
  • New Routes
  • New Trainers 🙂
  • Some Mornings actually getting out there and getting it done.

The medal in this article is a reminder, for me, of a weekend of achievements. I joined a number of Lincoln and District Club members at the Sleaford Striders 10k(cake run as it’s known as). It was a fantastic social occasion, catching up with people and meeting new people. There was a real sense of being a part of the club that I have joined.

The Run itself was not what I expected, there were hills :-/, and it tipped it down at around the half way point right to the end. But it was a well organised and well marshalled and was a pleasure to run. Add to that the fact that I felt prepared for the race, ate in good time to ensure I had enough fuel to get me to the end, warmed up effectively and ended up knocking nearly 3 minutes off my 10k personal best. It was an amazing evening, not record breaking at 52:02, but was a real achievement to me.

The next morning was Parkrun, for me this was at my home Parkrun in Lincoln. First of all this was my 50th Parkrun which is nothing short of amazing as 2 years ago when I first ventured out to run it was at the Parkrun I was very very overweight and not a runner. That first occasion was 50 long minutes but with such encouragement from all the volunteers and fellow runners it was a pleasure, something I never thought I would say about running. In the following 2 years I have lost in excess of 4st and developed a real love for running. So my 50th Parkrun was a milestone on my journey in running and in leading a healthier lifestyle, it was also a celebration of being a part of such a wonderful community that is Parkrun and indeed the wider running community. I approached the morning fairly relaxed just hoping that I could get round, given the fact that I had done a pb 10k a day before I had my doubts.

So I stood up in the pre-race briefing held up the customary 50 sign for my photo to be taken and couldn’t help but smile but then on to the start line. Off we went and it felt hard going, legs seemed heavy and by the 3.2km mark the previous nights run was being felt. but I dug deep and carried on. A casual glance at my watch showed that I would be close to usual pace, which was a surprise and by the time I was approaching the final “sprint” my pb was in touching distance, was it possible? I kicked out for the last 1oo meters or so and pushed for the line. I had done it, by 4 seconds I had beaten my pb with a time of 24:19

It truly felt like I was winning at Running. Beating no one but myself, more specifically the me who would never have dreamed of donning trainers and running anywhere.

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