Well that was…


I can not belive that I did this, even two days later I am still riding the post-run high and yet cannot fully comprehend what happened on Sunday.

It was almost two years to the day since I ran my first 10k when I arrived to take part in my first Marathon at Boston (UK). I was blessed to be able to arrive and prepare for this event with some very good friends. Friends who I have run with, trained with and been to the pub with during this training cycle. They had all run the Marathon distance themselves in the past and so had very valuable advice to share. By far the best piece of advice was "Enjoy it".

During my training I had a time in mind and it looked like I would get there, I was feeling really good. But then the injury struck and I wasn't even sure I would make it to the start line, so the end line was a very distant point I struggled to see. So this advice to enjoy it I took to heart. I decided that the best plan was to run to feel, if I needed to slow down then slow down, speed up then speed up and if I needed to walk then I would walk. I was detirmined that once I had started I would get to the fininish. But within that plan was that underlying piece of advice "Enjoy it", which is what I did, right from the start line, to the finish line and for two days after I smiled, I enjoyed the experience.

There will be other Marathons, which, hopefully, I will reach uninjured and at those events then time will be a target but I will still want to enjoy what I am doing. The journey to and through the marathon distance has taught me so much about myself and the sport I enjoy and will inform how I approach training from now on.

But on the 15th April 2018 I did it. I ran a Marathon.

The Boston Marathon was a fantastic event, very good value, well organised and supported and flat. What more can you ask for. I may be back.

Whatever, running or life event you are facing try to enjoy it.


P.S. Still riding a high so waffling and may come back to edit out waffle and mistakes.

P.P.S Still waffling 😉

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