The attempt is on

Tomorrow(15th April 2018) I will attempt to complete the Boston(Lincs.) Marathon. I have been struggling these last couple of weeks with a slight tendon issue on the right calf. This is by no means back to 100% but with the support of my sports injury therapist and lots of rest I am feeling that I will at least finish the distance.

There have been a lot of people who have supported me and who will be there tomorrow to offer support.

I am currently feeling a little anxious but excited, just need to run to feel and be sensible about what I do to ensure I get round then in due course I will book another Marathon and give it another go with, hopefully, full fitness to take me through the distance.

Will feedback after. To all those running Boston or anywhere, have fun.


P.S. if your in or around Lincoln and need a Sports Injury Therapist Look up Emma @ Lincsinjury amazing at what she does.

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