Lost Mojo

Not sure why but seem to have lost my Mojo. I just haven’t been getting out there as much as I would like and while I know once I am out and on my feet I will enjoy it really struggling to get motivated. Since the Marathon recovery has taken a lot longer than anticipated […]

The attempt is on

Tomorrow(15th April 2018) I will attempt to complete the Boston(Lincs.) Marathon. I have been struggling these last couple of weeks with a slight tendon issue on the right calf. This is by no means back to 100% but with the support of my sports injury therapist and lots of rest I am feeling that I […]

What Have I done?

Long Time no post! It has been a busy time on many fronts. Parish life is as busy as ever with lots of good stuff happening. Running wise there has been four Half Marathons(Cleethorpes, Lincoln, The Grusome Twosome & Worksop) and a Cross Country relay event in mansfield. Each tough runs for different reasons, sadly […]

Winning at Running

I’m winning at running! You won’t see me at the World Championships(which I am thoroughly enjoying by the way), you won’t even see my name mentioned as first finisher at regional or local events. But I am there, at various events, doing my best and usually enjoying what I am doing and the company I […]