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How’s the training Going?

Not as planned! The associated photo may give you an idea as to how “Not as Planned!” things are. Things were going really well, milage was heading in the right direction and the running was going well. Last monday I took a bit of a slip about 10 miles in to a run, by mile…

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Time off!

I am a Curate in a vacancy, my Training Incumbent felt the call to move around 18 months into my curacy, not sure if I was a contributing factor, surely I wasn’t that hard to Train was I? Anyway this left me as the only stipendary minister in a group of 6 churches, we do…

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Happy New Year (Day of Rest)

Happy New Year! So the start of a new year and a “resolution”, well  a target anyway – the 10k. How have a begun my preparations – with a day of rest, Fridays always are a day off plan as I do the 5k on Saturdays and need to rest up. I discovered this to…

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