Still inju… I mean still have a niggle!

I don’t like the word injured, sounds too dramatic, instead I’m going with “niggle” as that sounds less serious.

The reality is I have thirteen days until I run my first Marathon and I have an ache on my achilles tendon, it is getting better but I am really annoyed at the timing of this.

I have visited my movement guru who has given me excercises and a plan for the next couple of weeks.

On the one hand, at least it is the taper so lots of time to recover, but on the other hand whilst I did reach 21 miles in my long runs I’m nevous about getting through the distance now.

I guess I just need to trust that I have put the training in and that, given the go ahead, I will get through the full distance but I am really annoyed as I don’t want to simply make it to the finishing line, I wanted to give it my best effort and this doesn’t feel like I will be at me best. I will try my hardest of course but will have to wait until the next marathon to go all out.

On the plus side I am thinking of another marathon in the future, I have really enjoyed the training and learned so much about myself and the process.

Whatever you are training for I hope it is going well.

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