Positive Mental Attitude

A bit of background(violins at the ready).

I was on leave this past week and due to go away for a few days, but on Sunday my car flagged up an error, so I took it to the garage monday who couldn’t check it over till tuesday. Long story short the car can be repaired but at a cost greater than the value of the car, so I am living in a rural village with no vehicle. Thus my holiday had to be cancelled and to top it all off I broke a tooth(unrelated I hasten to add). See I said you would need the little violins 🙂 .

I have kept up my running plan with an additional 12 mrunning-track-2-1528273-1279x852iles dropping off and picking up the car at the garage, I also popped a message on facebook hoping for a lift to the Lincoln ParkRun, which I had in under 1 minute, wondeful people these parkrunners.

Last week had been a stunning effort 26 seconds knocked off my PB which now stands at 24:23 but today I wasn’t feeling it, so I approached the Parkrun this morning with less than ideal attitude, “we’ll see how it goes”, “I’ll get nowhere near PB” and to be honest after the 2nd of 3 laps my legs were feeling heavy and I eased up a bit, more than usual perhaps.

Despite this I still managed 24:42, only 19 seconds slower than last weeks pb.

Whilst I do love running and running with friends, there is a real sense of acheivement to be had from improving youself, setting that target and beating it, knowing that your hardwork is paying off and you’re staying healthy.

Being so close, irritated me, If I had kept the pace up when I slowed – who knows what my time may have being, if I had believed in myself and had a more positive approach I might have gained a better time and finished knowing I had given my all rather than wondering what might have been.

The same goes for life, approach life assuming for and preparing for good things.

Next week pb and within the next month sub 24:00 5k.

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