New route Blues? lost mojo

I have recently moved house, because I moved Jobs. It is all very exciting and there is lots to do here. But in amongst all these new ideas and projects I kind of fell of the treadmill. It had been far too long since I had done any sort of running, time wouldn’t allow – […]

Time off!

I am a Curate in a vacancy, my Training Incumbent felt the call to move around 18 months into my curacy, not sure if I was a contributing factor, surely I wasn’t that hard to Train was I? Anyway this left me as the only stipendary minister in a group of 6 churches, we do […]

Determination and re-focus

So last week was an “off” week, weather and motivation were against me. The Weather was just a bit rubbish to be fair, the times that I was able to get out it was raining, heavily, and I couldn’t face it. I know I know, fair weather runner! but I would rather run in the […]


Quick update, have been ill this past week so not been able to get out and missed the parkrun at the weekend, Cold and sinus infection so couldn’t face too much. But back on it this morning, went out for a quick 2k, avereged 5:20 per km so was very pleased with that, back out […]

Midweek Low

Midweek low! Well its not quite Wednesday yet but it has been a very busy week, despite being a week “off”, and I woke up late this morning, too late to get out running as I had to go to a lecture day for a Masters Degree in Mission ( as a student I hasten […]

First park run of 2016

For those who don’t know what the park run is Click here to find out. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling great but went out to my local park run in lincoln The going was hard and it was a bit wet, but in true park run fashion the team there were very supportive and encouraging […]