New route Blues? lost mojo

I have recently moved house, because I moved Jobs. It is all very exciting and there is lots to do here. But in amongst all these new ideas and projects I kind of fell of the treadmill.

It had been far too long since I had done any sort of running, time wouldn’t allow – Well that’s not strictly true,  I wasn’t making the time!

We can all be guilty of this at times, filling our time, being busy doing what we think we should and forgetting the things that we enjoy. There will always be work that needs to be done. Deadlines to be met. People to visit. Nothing will change that, and to be honest that is ok. I like to be busy. But there has to be a time for the things you enjoy.

Well running is one thing that I enjoy, so a little over a week ago I dusted off the Trainers and headed out. To my horror my fitness is terrible. I never was the quickest (55mins for 10k) but it just seems so much harder than anticipated. I know that I am going to have to work to get back to fitness but it is just annoying.

After a hard run last week I began to reflect on my new routes and my old routes. Previously my route was very familiar, I could have run it with my eyes closed( I never did I hasten to add! ) and it was flat with only two roads to cross. I could predict where I would be at each interval of my run and could push when wanted too. I liked my route.

Now though I am on a main road, lots of driveways, kerbs, roads to cross and if I run the Riverside it’s often muddy underfoot. This all adds together to making a difficult set of runs, or at least runs that I am finding difficult. My 10k pace is about 10 Minutes off at the minute and I really want to get back to pace and then progress in distance and in speed.

I guess my previous running life was centred around a route that was familiar, I wasn’t really pushing myself – Just plodding along.

So 2017 – this is what is going to happen. I am going to stick with it, run these new routes(not just one but mixing it up), I am going to get back to pace and then go quicker and I am going to up the distance. I am going to Find a Half Marathon to run as well as the Lincoln 10k(plus maybe some others). Join a running club. Get back to ParkRun. But most of all I am going to continue to enjoy running.

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