My Journey so far

joggingSo I started losing weight a few months ago, in an effort to improve my health and support my wife in her weight loss.

It seemed the right time to do it – I was very over weight, its was late summer, Salads were plentiful shouldn’t be a problem, so we joined our local slimming world group. They are a wondeful group and our consultant is amazing and supportive.

So far I have lost just under four stone(I hope to reach this interim target in the next week) and am thrilled to bits.

I also thought that along with losing weight should start doing some more exercise, Gym facilities are lacking within quick distance, working such long hours means travelling any distance takes more time than I would like to spend out of my day. The logical conclusion was that Running, or jogging to be more precise, would be a more suitable option, there are lots of paths around here and aside from a pair of trainers the costs are low.

I started with the NHS couch to 5k app on my phone all seemed ok, but I made the mistake of looking ahead 9 weeks “running/jogging for 30 minutes, never gonna happen!” but I stuck with it and within a few weeks I ran and walked my first Parkrun in a time of 50 minutes. Not quick but I was happy, I achieved something I hadn’t done before. So I continued with the Couch 2 5k and the weekly park run and before I knew it 30 minutes running was happening and my PB went down in leaps and bounds and now stands at 26:40.

I am continuing with health improvement, weight loss and knocking the seconds off that PB – but I need a new challenge. It was suggested that I might do some 10k runs and that the Lincoln 10k was coming up in a few month. That not being a challenge enough I have decided to add to the pressure and use this opportunity to raise vital funds for L.I.V.E.S.
So that is what I am doing on April the 17th I will run the Lincoln 10k and in the meantime try to raise some donations for L.I.V.E.S. and begin the training process.

I have no idea what it takes to run 10k but will build up distance and see what happens.

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If anyone reading this has a cause or person they would like to support let me know an I shall add a link etc.




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