Marathon Training Update

This week has been a tough but enjoyable one.

Last Sunday I took Part in the Stamford Striders Valentines 30k. It was a very tough Race due to distance, hills and quite cold conditions, but nevertheless was a really enjoyable run. The Organisation, Marshalls and venue were all fantastic, add to that some cool bling and a really good technical top(lomg sleeved) and it was a really good event.

The actual event aside, what really made it a memorable and enjoyable was the fact that this was the biggest distance I have ever run, 18.6 miles. Further than I ever thought possible. Now the Marathon distance feels much more possible. The distance was tough and not as quick as I may have liked but I got through it and further felt possible and with 2 months training still to go who knows what is possible.

I am very lucky to have a group of running buddies who are very encouraging and willing to run with me, even if it mean running back occasionally, which is helping with the regime of long runs in particular and I get a huge buzz out of them acheiving their own goals and targets. We are part of a wonderful community.

This weeks training:

Sunday was 18.6 miles
Monday was a rest Day, apart from a Strength and Conditioning Class
Tuesday was a trip to Physio for a bit of maintainance and a 6 Mile Run with Running Club
Wednesday Rest 🙂
Thursday, Hill Repeats x6
Today was a rest day again
Tomorrow will be parkrun(first for a few weeks, can’t wait)

The Marathon journey so far has been really enjoyable, if tough at times, at this point in training the full distance is feeling more and more acheivable than i could ever have hoped for. Lets see what the next few weeks brings. Nutrition has also been tweaked(overhauled may be another phrase) with a focus on ensuring correct fueling for training and recovery which is helping no end, it’s amazing how much better you feel when you run after a decent breakfast rather than whatever you can be bothered to prepare, or even Skip.

The next item on the agenda is running shoes my 3rd pair of adidas Energy Boost 3M are wearing out on the soles shockingly quick, which is a real shame as they are really comfortable but if this trend continues then they are an expensive option. Any suggestions for alternatives more than welcome.




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