Marathon Training so Far(must try harder)

This weekend I did parkrun with the wonderful team at Lincoln and even taking in to account the few icy spots it was a really tough run, tougher than it has felt for a long time. Not really sure what that was about, it has been an unbelievably busy and stressful week with a definite lack of sleep so could be that. Or it could be a multitude of other things. Whatever the reason it was a tough morning to the point where after 2 miles my legs felt like lead and I slowed the pace right down in order to get to the end. Thankfully being at Parkrun is always a pleasure so although it was tough it was an enjoyable morning none the less.

This experience got me thinking about recent running efforts and how often I ease up to get to the end and yet still have plenty in the tank afterwards. I don’t feel like I’m really pushing myself at the moment. I have thrown some regular intervals etc into my plan as per my Marathon Training Plan, which are giving an opportunity for effort, but in my general running efforts I think I need to try harder in order to improve my endurance for the upcoming races I have. I am, of course, happy to be told otherwise, or maybe looking for an excuse not to try harder, who knows?

So that is my plan, on my Monday longer runs I’m going to try harder, not increase pace but aim for a consistent pace, instead aim to run progressively further without stopping/resting. My aim is to get used to running through the discomfort for a longer duration and hopefully enabling me to go further and more consistently. I also need to work on cardio, endurance and nutrition with a lot of research as to to how to do this.

My long runs are up to 15 miles and I have 12 weeks till my first Marathon in Boston(Lincolnshire not the other one 😀 ) and really feel like I am going to have to try much harder and with much more dedication to give my best and that is fantastic, a real opportunity for focus and improvement.

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