Lost Mojo

Not sure why but seem to have lost my Mojo.

I just haven’t been getting out there as much as I would like and while I know once I am out and on my feet I will enjoy it really struggling to get motivated.

Since the Marathon recovery has taken a lot longer than anticipated because of injury this could certainly be a factor but I don’t think that this is the whole picture.

Currently running 3 times a week at fairly short distances, 6 miles and under and while my parkrun time is 50 seconds short of pace it’s still not bad and over all physically feeling really well.

Other stuff going on could be a contributing factor with time being squeezed all the time and, as is always the case, the things you enjoy most are the first to be squeezed out.

It could be lack of target that is playing on my mind, The Marathon distance was the target for the year which I have done, though not as well as I’d have liked so another in future is on the cards. I do have other shorter distances in the diary so perhaps a refocus on time targets for them might give the push to get the Mojo back, or at the very least will get me out there and hopefully enjoying running again.

Will take a look at what targets I can set and then start working on them.

Thankfully have a Strength and Conditioning Class starting tomorrow with LincsInjury which I am looking forward to and will be beneficial in many ways :0).

Wherever you are hope you are still getting out on enjoyable runs.