Lessons Learned

Today I ran in the City of Lincoln 10k, a very enjoyable day if you ever fancy a run around a beautiful City. Though I bettered my last years time by nearly an Minute it wasn’t an easy race.

10 days ago I woke with an ache in my right shin, I spoke to a physio who dianosed “Shin- Splint” though she called it something more technical (Medial Stress etc. etc.). After a bit of reflecting on training we decided it was caused by increase of distance with a change in terrain(lots of curbs, driveways etc.) which caused a different set of stresses on the body than I have been used to so far.

Rest and Ice was the advice, as well as some regular and usual movement of the foot to stop any ceasing up. I was heading into my final week of a training plan, I wanted as close to a 50min race as possible! Rest was not what I wanted to hear.

But I did, I iced regularly and locked the running shoes away and within a few days my shin felt a whole lot better, virtually pain free, and this morning it was pain free. So, with a caution from physio, with some running tape in place as much for mental comfort as to any physical benefit, I decided that I would run today and as I said a really good race considering. After a few hours I have a slight ache very occasionally but still feeling very good.

I have been running for 18 months and thought I was ok, this has highlighted the fact that I need to do some strength work and some basics for running correctly, that is what the next weeks and months will be.

I can’t expect to Run in a different way or place without preparing appropriately, things have to adapt and we do need to take rest seriously.

How true is that in our lives, how often do we rest from the stresses and strains of work, family, life in general. If we keep pushing through, coping with everything at a great cost to ourselves, how long can we carry on.

Rest is important and this phsyical injury has really illustrated that the spiritual life, the well being aspect of life needs to be looked after too. We risk missing out on they enjoyable things, the joyful things, because we are injured or too tired to enjoy them because we don’t take regular rest.

Rest up! Prepare for terrain ahead and seek the support of those you trust because they are a blessing.

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