How’s the training Going?

Not as planned! The associated photo may give you an idea as to how “Not as Planned!” things are.

Things were going really well, milage was heading in the right direction and the running was going well.

Last monday I took a bit of a slip about 10 miles in to a run, by mile 19 I pulled up with pain in my calf and walked the miles and a half home.

Not really sure what the issue is, having it looked at today, but hopeful for a good recovery in quick time(less than 16 days 🙂 )

I have done some shorter runs and it feels ok, just need to ok and a strategy for these last couple of weeks.

The calf shaped ice-packs are fantastic, and if you are out and about the Deep Freeze spray can help keep any swelling to a minimum. but really the main focus the past few days is simple mobility and stretch to keep everything moving.

Hope you are all training well and injury free.

All things being equal 17 days till my first marathon.

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