Happy New Year (Day of Rest)

Happy New Year!

relax-1179632-1279x852So the start of a new year and a “resolution”, well  a target anyway – the 10k.

How have a begun my preparations – with a day of rest, Fridays always are a day off plan as I do the 5k on Saturdays and need to rest up.

I discovered this to my peril a few months ago, I did a quick 5k on the Friday and the Saturday was really hard going, harder than I anticipated anyway, I was trying to push to hard and not being sensible.

This is surely true of Life(here comes the vicary bit), when we had times of busyness and stress we should prepare, take time to rest and recover from what has gone before whilst praying about what is to come and of course to give thanks for it all.

Sabbath. A wonderful gift so freely given to all those who want to accept it, time or space when we can pause for a while, reflect, recover and prepare.

So really an ideal way to begin a new year and a new project.

Whatever you have planned for 2016 may you find the time and space to dwell with God, to spend sabbath with him and find your rest when you need it.

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