Gotta Love Running

It has been far too long since my last update, but thankfully running has continued.


I seem to have reagained my mojo, well most of it anyway.

Whilst my milage is lacking a little bit with what I was hoping to acheive over the year it is, at least, back to a reasonable ammount(time permitting) and with a refocus on ensuring I take time off from Ministry I am hopeful to get a bit more "Me" time which includes running related activities.

Part of the renewed running routine these past months has included Strength and Conditioning with Emma at,   The main block of this has focussed on technique, form and speed, it was hard work and there is still a lot of hard work needed to get the best out of myself but it was an amazing opportunity and already I am reaping the rewards.

Another part of the the routine is "Structured" training with Lincoln & District Runners. This is what it says on the tin, structured running - 1k repeats, Fartlek, Hill Repeats, Pyramids in various combinations. This has shown me that when I try I can get more pace out of myself even if for only a short burst, this has translated up to being able to push harder on the regular runs(when suitable) or in races.

Combine this with regular slow runs and tempo run and it feels like a fairly good running regime.

The result of all this in recent months is that 6 weeks ago I got a personal best at 10k of 49:36 which I was thrilled with. But last Saturday I knocked 26 seconds of my parkrun bringing it down to 23:06 and last night got my 10k down to 47:35 - 2 minutes quicker. A reminder to myself that if I can dig in and put in the hard work then I can progress and, within reason, anything is possible


Ran Lincoln Park run this morning and decided to run to feel and managed another pb - 15 seconds quicker at 22:51 a sub 23 was my target by the end of the year. New target or rest at the shorter distance and go for the Half Marathon pb? Maybe both :).