First park run of 2016

For those who don’t know what the park run is Click here to find out.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling great but went out to my local park run in lincoln

The going was hard and it was a bit wet, but in true park run fashion the team there were very supportive and encouraging so it ended up being a very enjoyable run (as is often the case).

My time was 19 seconds under pace which I was thrilled to bits with and all things being equal means I could be on for a new PB this coming week.

Tomorrow though (Sundays are usually too busy to get out running) I begin increasing my distance so instead of my usual 5km i’ll be upping it to 6-7k and seeing how that feels and what sort of time I can manage.

I am looking forward to this challenge and hoping that it will be ok then after a couple of weeks will look to increase that a bit more, edging ever closer to the 10km mark.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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