Determination and re-focus

So last week was an “off” week, weather and motivation were against me.

The Weather was just a bit rubbish to be fair, the times that I was able to get out it was raining, heavily, and I couldn’t face it. I know I know, fair weather runner! but I would rather run in the cold than in the heavy rain, something I may have to get over eventually but for now…

Motivation, however, is another matter, I am at the point in my Curacy which is the nearly but not yet. I have had notification that I have successfully completed all that I needed to within my curacy, very good news, especially as more than half of my Curacy has been spent in vancancy with no Training Incumbent, but the time has enabled a lot of learning and growth. All good news. But I am now in the position of looking for a First Incumbency which means preparing to move on, which is hard as I have enjoyed(for the most part) my curacy and have great affection for the people in the parishes I have served. Add to that the fact that we have an incoming Rector, which is exciting, with lots of ideas and there is a buzz around the Parish about the future, a future that I won’t be part of. This has left me feeling a bit adrift and in that nearly but not yet place, especially as I have nothing to apply for yet.

This has occupied a lot of mental space and has got me a little down and detracted a little from my motivation, I know I know it shouldn’t have but it did.

Anyway – Yesterday I attended the Lincoln Parkrun and just gave it a go, a kick start to the excercise regime, Pleased to say that it was hard going but manged to acheive a personal best and my first sub 25 Minute 5km 24:59. Only Just sub 25 minutes but I am pleased with that and it has given me the insentive to keep pushing for a sub 24 5k or sub 55 10K, although I sat writing this when I could be out, I will be shortly.

This week has been a reminder that sometimes we need to take that step back, appreciate what we have before getting back to where we feel God calls us to be. I pray that I might discern weher God is calling me to next.


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