Success (survival) at the city of lincoln 10k

I did it!

IMG_20160417_144531This past Sunday(April 17th) was the big day, The City of Lincoln 10k first of all – I did it!

What an amazing event this was, such a supportive and friendly group of runners and the crowds along the route were brilliant to.

The start was a little odd, I entered the sub 60min paddock, a few people behind the 55minute pacer, this meant that crossing the line was a few minutes after the starting gun and threw my fit bit pace time out a little, that I could cope with but what happened was I spent the first 2k overtaking and weaving around people who were no doubt sub 6o min pacers but running a different race to me, in hindsight I should have started in the sub 55 paddock and run with those keeping a different pace for the beginning.

The course was good, flat, clean, well marked and a pleasure to run on and the final straight with the Cathedral as a Backdrop was inspirational and made the final 1km much more achievable. The post run area was a bit narrow meaning we had to keep moving to free up the finish area, which is fair enough, just felt like I could have done with somewhere to sit for a minute, other than that the support was brilliant, energy drinks and water on offer as we headed out towards the Castle and collecting our finishers bags which contained the wonderful medals. The charities area was a good atmosphere, with free engraving of medals, free massages for those who need them as well as space to chat to other runners and meet up with those who supported you.

I started with the intention of getting round and maybe raising something for L.I.V.E.S. which I did £110 via my just giving page plus some raised for the local Witham group yet to be totalled(as I am away on post Easter break). The reality, however, is far greater. This event was a real boost to my confidence and a kick-start to what may be next in my life.

P1000041bI will continue running and will look for competitive/timed events, I have also signed up for the Lincoln 10k for next year but the sense of achievement this has left me with has spurred me on in my “professional” life. I am at the point in my curacy when I need to look for a new post, whilst I have never had anything given to me on a platter during discernment and curacy, I have had to work hard for all that I have achieved, I expected more engagement regarding where my future may be and how I might begin that journey, instead I have heard very little and received very little guidance. Now I know that, with the help of God, I can do good things and when I follow his path this is possible but I need to be more proactive and seek out those opportunities which are life affirming, challenging and God centred. Meetings will be made, ideas shared and direction sought in my ministry and in my own spiritual life.

What started as a way of keeping on task with weight loss has led to a new enjoyment in exercise, a new drive in my vocation and a real sense of achievement. Thank you to all those who supported and sponsored me.

See you at the Parkrun perhaps.



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