All getting serious now!

I’ve had some Good runs, and some not so good runs and the distance is further than I ever thought possible, this Marathon Training for Boston Uk is getting serious now.

The Good:– After Stamford 30k I’ve been out and upped the distance to 20 miles, the 19 mile run a couple of weeks ago was fantastic. It was slower, as planned, than the pace at Stamford and whilst not pretty felt like there was more in the legs which was a surprise.
I do Parkrun each week as a social thing but also to stretch the legs a bit, times there have been slow and the going tough, this last week though I was back to within 30 seconds of PB, pretty pleased with that.

The Bad:- Last week’s LSR was a nightmare on so many fronts, I could gladly have come home after 8 miles, it was slow, energy non-existent, I slipped at the 10 mile mark and ended up covered in(at best) Mud. I nearly went home to change but just couldn’t do it as I knew that the instant I got through the door I’d give up. This, I think, was down to nutrition, it was a poor few days eating wise leading up to this so I’m putting it down to that.

Lesson: – These things happen, get back on your feet and get moving. I also need to be much more disciplined with nutrition as I felt much better and stronger when I was eating the correct things.

This week sees a 13 Mile LSR tomorrow and a Strength and Conditioning Class tomorrow night, A quicker 6mile on Wednesday to stretch the legs, Interval training on Thursday(1k repeats) and The City of Lincoln 10k on Sunday. A lighter week than I have had in a while. The LSR tomorrow I am planning on being a bit slower than usual particularly in the early stages to see what impact this has in the later stages.

I am feeling a little apprehensive at the moment, I have put in a lot of effort into training for this marathon (as does anyone who trains for distance) and keep thing of what ifs, the wall, not finishing etc. Not helpful but as we all know a potential reality, I am really having to work hard on switching those thoughts to, what happens if I don’t hit the wall, if everything goes perfect on the day, I finish as strong as I start and I get anywhere near the 4 Hour ideal target. What might that look and feel like? Need to stay focussed, stay positive and keep moving forward.

What the training is brining to the fore is that fact that my running style and economy aren’t great and will need working on long term, I will also need to put in a lot of effort into increasing overall fitness and cardio base. I know I am quicker at all distances than I am currently running just need to put in the work to realise that potential. My first Marathon will not be my last and next time I will approach the training from a much more informed perspective.

I also realise what an amazing community I am part of, in the wider circles there are amazing runners offering advice and support which is wonderful. Within closer circles there are people who are doing the half marathon within their training plans to support me across the marathon finishing line and people who are just turning up standing around for 4 hours (see optimism there) just to cheer me on. As I say, amazing community.

New shoes arrived a little while ago and really enjoying bedding them in. Yes I know the Innov8s aren’t suitable for the Marathon but they were good fun in the snow and will be ready for any Cross Country runs I do later in the year.

Enjoy your running and your community, will update blog during the week and if you see me with cake remind me that I should be training.



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