Hi, thanks for taking the time to read this page. My name is Andy (or Andrew when formal titles are being used) and I am a Curate in the Church of England Ordained Deacon in 2013 and Priest in 2014 and now coming up to the end of my curacy and praying that I have all in order ready to move on, and of course pray that there is a suitable position for me. I am currently serving in the wonderful Diocese of Lincoln.

I have spent most of my life prior to ordination within the worlds of IT and or Education, spending time running my own company, a Cyber Cafe/Gaming Centre and Web development company alongside teaching IT to many varied groups and individuals. I also lectured at colleges and schools primarily in photo editing and video editing.

I retrained as a Teaching assistant when runing my own business became to much of a drain on my spiritual and personal life, a role I held for about 7 years, challenging but amazing work.

Just recently I have re-entered to world of Gaming, I love playing computers games, always have always will, and built myself a nice Gaming rig to facilitate this re-found passtime (though time can be somewhat limited given the role I have). To combat this unenergetic hobby I have also taken up Jogging/Running, something that I am beginning to enjoy and which is also helping to keep me in shape, or will once I get to a healthier shape that is, though with time being so limited I tend to run at about 6:15 most mornings.

I haent blogged for a number of years so please do bear with me, I decided to ressurect this domain and stick a blog on it a) to give me somewhere to waffle b) to act as a diary for me fundraising and training efforts for the Lincoln 10k Run where I will be raising funds for L.I.V.E.S.